Friday, June 21, 2013

Percentage of companies offering various benefits

The graph below was created using Google’s graphing tools.

This horizontal bar graph shows the percentages of US companies offering 4 categories of benefits.  Interesting 33.3 % of companies offer no benefits.

This data is based on a US Census 2007 survey of US companies.  You can gain access to the survey data by clicking here.  The percentages represent those companies responding that they offer the identified benefit.

This data should be useful to job seekers for realizing many companies offer no benefits.

Percentages of Companies Offering Various Benefits

Friday, June 7, 2013

Source of capital for start ups with employees

The graph below was created using Google graph tools.

This horizontal bar graph shows the sources of capital for startup companies (firms) with employees.  The data in the graph is from a US Census survey conducted in 2007.   Findings from the survey can be accessed by clicking here.

The data shows how much startup companies rely upon the owners (or owners’ family and friends) capital.  Only about 25 % of the time did companies receive capital from non self/family/friend sources.

Sources of Capital for Startup Firms With Employees