Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Relative State Sales Tax Rates

The map chart below was created using Google’s Chart tools.

The chart shows by color the relative sales tax rates for each state. The states in white (Alaska; Delaware; Montana; New Hampshire; and Oregon) have no sales tax. The state in black (California; 8.25 %) has the highest sales tax rate. States with darker colors (from white to black) have higher sales tax rates. The sales tax rates used to create the chart do not include local jurisdiction sales taxes, which several states do have.

The average tax rate for all states is 5.1 %. Twenty one states have rates less than the average and twenty-nine higher than the average. The median (tax rate in the middle) is 6 %.

Click here to see state sales tax data used in the chart. This data is at the Tax Foundation website. Click here to go to a Wikipedia site with information on state sales taxes.

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