Friday, November 18, 2011

Fixed and Other Current Assets as a Percentage of Total Assets for 18 Business Sectors

The chart below was created using Google’s Charting Tools.

The chart shows the percentage of fixed assets plus other current assets amounts on the balance sheet as a percentage of the total assets for 18 business sectors. The percentages are based on survey data compiled by BisStats (a BizMiner company) from US Government and possibly other sources.

The fixed assets plus other current assets to total assets percentage for all sectors is 67.4 %. Companies can use this benchmark data to determine how they are doing compared to their sector peers.
It is interesting that the percentages are so high and represent such a high amount of the value of a company. Fixed and other current assets are probably difficult to find a correct fair market value for and therefore these high percentages could represent a higher uncertainty in company valuation.

Click here to go to the BizStats data that was used to create the chart.

Fixed and Other Current Assets as a Percentage ofTotal Assets for Several Sectors

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