Friday, December 2, 2011

Nonprofit Revenue Data

The pie chart below was created using Google’s chart tools.

The pie chart shows the sizes of nonprofits in the United States by level of total revenues. As can be seen from the chart, 58.2% of all nonprofits have total revenues less than $100,000. Also using the data on the chart, 70.4% of nonprofits have revenues less than $1 million.

The chart’s data is based on IRS statistics. The IRS statistics come from Form 990s filed in 2010.

The National Centre for Charitable Statistics provides the percentages and other data based on the IRS statistics. The total revenues on these forms were $1.8 trillion. The total number of registered nonprofits was 1,617,301. Two percent of the nonprofits (about 32,350 nonprofits) in the United States account for 90% of the total revenues received by nonprofits.

Click here to go to the National Center for Charitable Statistics site at which the chart’s data can be generated.

IRS Registered Nonprofits by Total Revenues

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