Friday, May 11, 2012

Benefits as a Percentage of Total Compensation

The graph below was created using Google’s graph tools.

The horizontal bar graph shows compensation benefits as a percentage of total compensation for private workers in 2011 based on US Department of Labor survey data.
The total average compensation found was $28.10 of which wages and salaries was 70.8 % and other benefits was 29.2 %.   

Legally required benefits include social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation.  Supplemental pay includes shift differentials and non-production bonuses.

Health insurance accounted for 7.5 % of insurance benefit with the other 0.5 % made up of life and disability.

The graph provides a visual of how, on average across all businesses, an employee’s gross paid is divided up.

More details from the Department of Labor on costs for benefits in 2011 can be seen by clicking here (PDF file).   Click here to go to the Department of Labor website on employment costs.

Benefits as a Percentage of Total Compensation

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