Friday, February 1, 2013

Misconduct observed by employees in 2011

The graph below was created using Google’s graph tools.

This horizontal bar graph shows 18 acts, considered to be misconducts, observed by employees in the workplace.  The graph’s data is based on a survey of 4,683 employees.  The employees were randomly selected and surveys were taken by telephone and by the Internet.   The survey was conducted in 2011 by the Ethics Resource Center, who has conducted similar surveys since the 1990s.  The percentages represent the number of respondents reporting observation of the misconduct divided by the total number of respondents (4,683).

All results reported from the survey can be read in the Ethics Resource Center’s report “The National Business Ethics Survey – 2011”.  This report can be read by clicking here (PDF file).

The data in the graph could be useful to companies in identifying the most likely types of misconduct acts that occur in the workplace, both by employers (managers) and by employees.  

Misconduct Observed by Employees in 2011

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