Friday, January 11, 2013

Percentage of European organizations that use lean management techniques

The chart below was created using Google’s chart tools.

The pie chart shows the percentages of European organizations that are using lean management techniques (57%), are planning to use lean management techniques (20%), or have no plans to use lean management techniques (23%).  The percentages are based on data collected by a survey conducted by Allied Consultants Europe.  The survey received 771 responses from European organizations.

The results of this survey can be read by clicking here (PDF file).

The results also how how extensive companies use various lean management techniques compared to their performance ratings.   Ratings include delivery rate, reject/complaint rate, and others.   Lean management techniques measured include pull systems, flow, waste reduction techniques, and others.

Percentage of European Organizations that Use Lean Management Techniques

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  1. It's satisfying to know that the percentage of European organizations implementing lean management techniques program was relatively larger at the start of this year. I suppose it is already eating up a much larger portion of the pie by this time. The proven effectiveness of this methodology to enhance the quality of services whilst allowing to save financially is a win-win situation for businesses and organizations. D. Henze